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IamFire plc ( AQSE: FIRE) Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi (CEO & Director)
July 2, 2020
New to the Share Talk platform, we take a look at a company whose share price has risen considerably lately. In this interview, Burns talks about the Appointment of Non-Executive Chairman ( and gives an overview of the company.  IamFire plc is an investment vehicle listed on the AQSE Growth Market, which is focused on the oil and gas, and base and precious metals sectors. The Company’s remit is to invest in or acquire a company or assets within these sectors through direct investment, or through acquiring all or part of an existing or newly formed company. Here are some on the pointers asked in the interview We are here to talk about your company, Aquis listed IAMFIRE plc that last week raised £500,000 in an oversubscribed placing, which I find very interesting because I haven’t heard of the company and also, Aquis isn’t a well-known exchange, so to be oversubscribed, you must have something impressive to offer investors? Ok, so that covers of the placing and the investors, what is the strategy behind the business that has attracted such diverse mix of investors? Right, looks like there could be a move away from the previous strategy, how do you see the next 6 months playing out for IAMFIRE, what are the targets, how are you going to keep the investors satisfied? We note that you announced the appointment of Marc Bamber as Executive Chairman, can you tell us a little about him and why you chose him? Finally, the share price has risen over 200% since the announcement last week, do you think that is investors that missed out on the placing trying to get in?