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Louis Coetzee, Executive Chairman of Katoro Gold plc (LON:KAT)
March 4, 2020
Great to have Louis Coetzee back in the studio, since his last podcast update ( , it’s been a busy time for the company since we last spoke. It has been a strong beginning to 2020 so far for Katoro Gold, I’ll start with what seems to have kicked it all off, the Gold Tailing Project & JV at Blyvoor in South Africa, this appears to have a realistic chance of what seems to be an almost (in mining terms) instant revenue-producing potential, can you give us a brief overview of the deal? Here are some of the questions we asked Louis; You mentioned a JV manager, can you tell us a little about Graham Briggs? With the strength in the Gold Price and sound fundamentals, what is left to do before you can commence production? Katoro’s Haneti project, can you walk me through the latest developments with the project including positive discussions at Indaba including interest from Mid & Tier 1 companies?