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Louis Coetzee, Executive Chairman of Katoro Gold plc (LON:KAT) Shareholder Update
February 19, 2020
Great to have Louis Coetzee back on the podcast, it’s been a busy time for the company since we last spoke ( . The share price has strengthened after Katoro Gold entered into a JV for a near term finance ready Gold tailings project in South Africa. For the benefits of any new listeners, what attracted you to the project Louis? You recently appointed a new JV mine manager, for the benefit of our listeners can you give some background on Graham Briggs? Last Friday RNS, the company received an additional working capital boost via warrant conversion, this includes both KIBO Energy your biggest shareholder and company broker SI Capital, this looked like a significant endorsement of recent developments, how do you feel about this? Whilst much of the recent focus of the market has been on the Gold portfolio, you also update the market on you Haneti project last week, I was particularly interested in the feedback you received at Indaba, can you give us an overview of Haneti and the potential you see there? Enjoyed speaking to you again Louis, in what looks like an exciting period for the company and investors, do you anticipate regular updates to the market as we close out Q1?