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Share Talk interviews Bob Holt OBE, Chairman of Sureserve Group PLC (SUR.L)
September 8, 2020
With the share price now sitting at new 4 year highs, an Mkt Cap £81.38M @ZaksTradersCafe caught up with Bob Holt who gives an overview of the company's past history and how they have transformed Sureserve Group performance. Sureserve plc (formerly Lakehouse plc) is a UK-based asset and energy support services group. It was founded in 1988, with headquarters in Romford, London. In October 2018, it employed around 2,000 staff in 23 UK offices. The group offered services in regeneration, compliance, energy services, and construction to the housing, education, public and commercial buildings sectors, with a focus on the UK public sector and regulated markets, before disposing of its property services and construction business in August 2018. This company, Lakehouse Contracts, subsequently went into administration and ceased trading in March 2019, owing £27m to 275 creditors Today Sureserve Group PLC owes the banks no money and is a completely different business.