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Zak Mir interviews John Taylor, CEO of Pathfinder Minerals (LON:PFP)
April 8, 2020
Pathfinder Minerals is a natural resources company seeking to mine heavy mineral sands in Mozambique, southern Africa. Questions covered: 1/ Following on from last week’s RNS that there is now 100% of the current owners of the licence involved in the sale negotiations – is it fair to say this is a game-changer for the company? 2/ There have been many false dawns in PFP over recent years regarding a resolution and some remain understandably skeptical of a deal actually being concluded – can you explain why this time really is different? 3/ I note that CEO John Taylor bought into the warrant and loan package which was at a premium – what can shareholders take away from this? 4/ Can you elaborate on the sheer magnitude of the prize at hand here given the most recent scoping study valuing the project at over $1bn? 5/ A number of commentators are fearful of future dilution on a deal conclusion – how do you intend to address this? Finally, how do you see the hoped-for resolution end game for shareholders playing out during the next few months?