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Blue Star Capital (BLU.L) Anthony Fabrizi, CEO & Derek Lew, NED Podcast
July 2, 2020
Blue Star Capital plc (AIM: BLU), the investing company with a focus on esports, payments, technology and its applications within media and gaming. We had the pleasure to speak with both Tony and Derek who joined us all the way from Canada to update investors on the company activity and hear what they have planned for the future. Here are some on the pointers asked in the interview Thank you for taking the time to come onto the Sharetalk podcast today. BLU have been putting out lots of news lately, some real headline-grabbing announcements. I’ll start with the most obvious one, David Beckham has decided to invest alongside Blue Star in the ESports team GUILD, this is exciting news for any company, can you give us some details on Guild, why is it such a good investment. So, Blue Star invested into GUILD before Becks, this brings me nicely onto the next question, the recent £500k raise, was this to enable you to hold onto your 11.7% in GUILD? The good news hasn’t stopped with GUILD, news from another investment of yours in the same industry, DYNASTY also announced some phenomenal news last week, it has signed a five year exclusive partnership agreement with Malaysia ESports Federation to provide its eSports Portal Management ("EPM") platform to enable effective management and control of the eSports ecosystem within Malaysia. Can you explain to our listeners what this exactly means to Dynasty and ultimately Blue Star? From one side of the world to the other, your investment earlier this year in mobile gaming company leaf seems to have borne fruit, with the announcement of their dramatic rise in annual turnover. Derek as this is a Canadian listed company and that is where you are calling from, can you give us some insight into this news And Finally, Your largest investment is in SatoshiPay the blockchain payments business, is this business performing as you would like?