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Richard Conroy, Chairman - Conroy Gold & Natural Resources plc (AIM:CGNR) Update
September 5, 2018
Share Talk spoke with Richard Conroy to get answers to investors questions following the news of the recent placing. We asked the following questions: With the announcement of raising £500,000, can you give more detail on how this cash will be used? What is your business strategy and how this is underpinned by your operational plans? Why invest in Ireland? What are the benefits to an investor? Are you looking at jurisdictional diversification? Looking forward 12 months, what would a success look like for CGNR? Would you consider refreshing and strengthening the BOD by bringing in an individual with a proven track record of mine development for example... There seems to be interest in Irish gold with the recent acquisition of Dalradian. Is Conroy feeling similar interest in its business interests from external third parties and if so how could this translate to shareholder value crystallisation? There are many voices expressing an interest in the company but concerns about the length of time the Company has been on market and the progress achieved? For new investors, why choose Conroy Gold? [disclaimer]