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Share Talk Interviews David Brown, Founder of payroll finance group, Hi55 Ventures
August 25, 2020
Welcome to the next generation of trade finance. Ground-breaking payroll finance and time processing system. Hi will give your business a new source of working capital by transforming the way time and pay are tracked, viewed and verified. For the first time ever, time itself can now be financed. A unique way to release working Capital by externally financing your payroll without adding debt to your balance sheet. At the same time, Hi-Pay makes pay to employees more accurate, efficient and frequent. Through our technology, Hi-Pay enables businesses to defer payroll and pay employees weekly, releasing working capital and giving swifter access to earned income for workers. Hi-View lets your business view and verify time across the entire enterprise, allowing employees to see what they earn as they earn it, and providing a platform for employee/employer collaboration. Hi-View can do all of this, while seamlessly integrating with your existing payroll and timekeeping systems.