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36: Global Energy Metals Corp. (TSXV:GEMC) Mitchell Smith President & CEO
February 6, 2019
Global Energy Metals Corp. (GEMC) is acquiring and developing high-quality cobalt assets to provide investors exposure to the surging demand for cobalt used in the rechargeable battery and energy storage market. The GEMC team, with over a decade of cobalt-focused experience, recognized early that cobalt was essential to lithium-ion battery chemistries. Through years of working with downstream users, including its strategic partnership with Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co. (Easpring), the Company recognized that there is a pressing need to create a diversified, viable supply of material to offset the reliance from DRC sourced cobalt. GEMC's partnership with the battery cathode manufacturer is unique. The company went downstream, direct to the supply chain to ensure that it receive project finance, metallurgical and feasibility support for projects and material purchase. The Company believes there are significant value opportunities in aggregating projects and building an efficient and reliable raw material supply chain that meets strict end-user specifications in the rechargeable battery sector. GEMC’s aggregation strategy includes direct investment into advanced cobalt projects, supply through streams, off-take and physical material. Global Energy Metals is a rare and compelling investment opportunity in the cobalt sector.