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Oil Man Jim Company Oil & Gas Podcast, Mid-Week Blog, 19th February 2020
February 19, 2020
Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP), which I mentioned at the weekend along with its Barryroe partner, Providence Resources (PVR), announced its placing: £488,000 at 0.6p Sound Energy (SOU) announced that the anonymous UK private company which was previously touted as the purchaser of their assets doesn't have the funds. Sound's still got plenty further to fall compared to Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), which now is around just 1% of the price it was when I first started questioning it More on Predator Oil & Gas (PRD), which announced its fundraising last Friday.  PetroTal (PTAL) generates controversy.  There's a group of investors (many of the same ones as in RBD and UOG) who consider it one of the best investments ever; others question the decline rate (which of course the first group deny).  PTAL issued a 2019 year-end oil reserves and operational update this week, touting large increases in reserve numbers (which is usual when drilling), but no mention at all of the declines, which are obvious from the company's own announcements.