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Oil Man Jim Company Oil & Gas Podcast & Blog, 14th June 2020
June 14, 2020
Stock market and oil prices gave back some of their recent gains last week, with plenty of uncertainty still remaining on the international macroeconomic front due to virus-related demand concerns.  Domestically, the main issues now are Coronavirus and its economic impact, Brexit and the “no-deal” possibility which will soon come into focus, plus whatever the BLM protests and counter-protests might turn into over a long, hot summer.  It all makes for interesting (and potentially dangerous) times. Moving on, there were a couple of grumbles last weekend regarding the negative coverage of companies.  Just to clarify, these blogs and associated podcasts cover the news being issued by the more speculative oil and gas companies each week.  Some issue good news, some issue mediocre news, some issue bad news, and some pretend that their bad news is good.  It’s different to the other blogs and podcasts because I don’t accept compensation from the companies, so I can say it as it is and I don’t pretend news is exciting or positive when it isn’t.  I’m genuinely independent and simply state the truth as I see it.  I’m rarely wrong. I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t like my commentary, but it’s the reality of the news which the companies issue.  If you’re looking for solace, there are plenty of other commentators retained by these companies to soothe your financial pain.  But you’ll only ever succeed in the markets if you can handle the type of uncomfortable truths that I provide and adjust your approach accordingly.